Staff mobility

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Mobility of foreign institution staff can be carried out with universities from the following partner countries: Albania, Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, Ukraine, with which ULSL has previously signed the Interinstitutional Agreement.


The list of [ Interinstitutional Agreements ]


Only the foreign partner institution employees are eligible to take part in the qualification procedure for incoming mobility for teaching and training at University of Life Sciences in Lublin (ULSL) under Erasmus+ Programme.


The purpose of the academic teacher's mobility (STA) is to conduct at least 8 hours of didactic classes for students of ULSL. Before the arrival at ULSL and starting a teaching mobility, the Mobility Agreement (a teaching programme) should be agreed by three parties: Partner University, ULSL and an academic teacher. It defines, among others assumed learning goals, content of the curriculum and expected results.


The purpose of the university staff mobility (STT) is to participate in training (practical training, workshops, seminars, job shadowing). The programme of the training is specified in Mobility Agreement for each day and shows purpose for the participant, namely to increase specifically defined competences of the employee and improve qualifications directly related to the nature of work performed at his/her home university.

It is required to undergo at least 16 hours of training at ULSL for the mobilities lasting 5 working days.

The deadline of qualification and documents submission at University of Life Sciences in Lublin, International Exchange Office:
  • Until 29.11.2019 (training mobility STT and teaching mobility STA)
A foreign institution staff mobility should take place between:
  • 1 February 2020 and 30 June 2021 (teaching mobility STA)
  • 1 February 2020 and 31 July 2021 (training mobility STT)


ULSL will pay out individual support to the foreign institution staff for every day of stay at ULSL plus one day for travel to and one day from the receiving institution. The travel must take place directly before and after mobility period specified in the confirmation issued by ULSL, which will include the date of the beginning and completing the mobility. Individual support is awarded for 7 days (including 2 days for travel).

Additionally, ULSL will pay out travel distance allowance to a foreign institution staff. The travel distance allowance is counted on the basis of EU distance calculator
The financial support shall be paid to the staff on the first day of the mobility.