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Dear students,


We are pleased to welcome you on our webpage. Here you will find all necessary information concerning application and accommodation procedure, you will learn what subjects we offer as well as whom you need to contact to consult your choice. You can plan your stay according to the academic calendar of our university and you can also find some key data that you will need to fill in the documents.


First of all, you need to check at your home university whether there is an agreement with University of Life Sciences in Lublin within your area of studies.


Once you have chosen all the subjects you are interested in, make sure to consult your choice with your Faculty Coordinator and send us the list of these subjects in order to be verified and confirmed for the winter/summer semester 2018-19.

Bear in mind that you should choose 85% of the subjects from one and the same faculty.
You can choose additionally some other subjects from another faculty (about 15%) but you cannot mix subjects from 3 different faculties for the reason that you would be assigned to only one leading Faculty, namely one Dean’s Office, where your  Before, During and After the Mobility documents will be signed.