Publishing Centre

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Address: 20-033 Lublin, 13 Akademicka Street
Telephone: +48 81 445-67-11, 445-67-61, 445-68-05, 445-66-60
Fax: +48 81 533-37-52
E-mail: wydawnictwo@up.lublin.pl
Manager: Ewa Zawadzka-Mazurek, M.A.

The University of Life Sciences Publishing Centre has existed for nearly 40 years. It publishes manuals, educational materials not only for the University students but also the students of other agricultural and technical schools as well as practitioners in agriculture and its infra-structure, scientific dissertations and articles concerning the research conducted by the workers of the University within particular Faculties. Informational publications present the history of the University but they also give its contemporary picture.

The Publishing Centre includes:

  • Editorial Office of Didactic and Scientific Publications

  • Editorial Office of Dissertations of the University of Life Sciences

  • Editorial Office Annales UMCS (4 sections: E – Agricultura, EEE – Horticultura, DD –Medicina Veterinaria, EE – Zootechnica) – an inter-University publication which has been published for over 55 years

  • Editorial Office of Electronic Journal of Polish Agricultural Universities (2 series: Agri-cultural Engineering, Horticulture); www.ejpau.media.pl

  • Editorial Office Acta Scientiarum Polonorum (2 series: Hortorum Cultus – Horticulture and Technica Agraria – Agricultural Technology); www.acta.media.pl

  • Editorial Office Excerpta Veterinaria Lublin

  • Editorial Office of UP NEWS (Current Events of the Agricultural University)