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70-lecie Wydziału Medycyny Weterynaryjnej

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Uroczyste spotkanie z okazji 70-lecia Wydziału

odbędzie się w dniu 18 października 2014 r. (sobota)

w Restauracji „Etiuda” w Lublinie przy ul. Nałęczowskiej 123 o godz. 19.00.


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Oficjalne obchody odbyły się w dniach
od 19 do 20 września 2014 roku



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Warsztaty i seminarium
"Diagnostyka histopatologiczna nowotworów gruczołu sutkowego psa i kota"
"Histological diagnosis of mammary tumors of the dog and cat"



Warsztaty i seminarium
“Aktualne problemy kardiologii psów i kotów”
„Echokardiografia psów”




"Current Approaches to Health and Diseases in Animals and Humans”
"Aktualne aspekty zdrowia i chorób u zwierząt i ludzi”
Fiat secundum artem.

To continue the desire to confront recent personal experiences and a new approach to basic and clinical sciences we organize the next round of the symposium to be held in Lublin, 19 – 20 September 2014. In this way we can improve our efforts to serve animals and people, to prepare new projects and to perform studies which can be published in more prestigious journals.

Between our last meeting and the incoming one all of us acquired new experiences in experimental and practical activities in different fields of medical sciences. In order to manage this unconfronted load of information, we offer a program which will allow us to discuss and clarify many of our assumptions, postulates and doubts with the aim of commencing a new level of application and research. Undoubtedly, the broad range of researches who will participate in this meeting will make it possible to outline a new area of studies and prepare a more refined scientific program to increase a chance of being financed by the National Center of Science (NCS).

Finally, our intention is to create a practical connection between scientific workers from our country and abroad with the hope for cooperation and a possibility of spending a fruitful time in Lublin on the occasion of our 70th anniversary.

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
Prof Ryszard Bobowiec   

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Adres do korespondencji: marta.wojcik@up.lublin.pl